Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October project

I'm bumping my yo-yo animals that I didn't get done last month for this month's project. I have so much non-quilting sewing to get done by the end of the month and my mini quilt to complete for the swap, that this is about all I can hope to get completed. Once I get all these various projects out of the way, I can go full steam ahead on actual quilt projects next month! I'm really looking forward to settling into my sewing room as winter approaches and getting back into my sewing groove.


joantufts said...

Those are gorgeous and I know what you mean by looking forward to settling in for the winter months in your sewing room. Slow pace sounds good!
Happy sewing.

Michelle said...

Cute! I guess I'm trying to cram in everything now so I can relax in Nov. & Dec. Have fun sewing!